Садово в сърцето на Тракия – Радио „Фокус“ – Пловдив

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY DIANA SIMEONOVA - This picture taken on May 20, 2015 shows a detail of a mural in the burial chamber in a replica of the Thracian tomb of Kazanlak, dated back to the 4th century BC in the central Bulgarian town of Kazanlak. Experts say there are a total of over 15,000 Thracian burial mounds in Bulgaria, a tenth of them in the so-called Valley of the Thracian Kings around Kazanlak. The tombs -- already looted in the past or sometimes packed with gifts of gold -- are pretty much the only surviving remnants of the Thracian civilisation that inhabited the region of the Balkan peninsula from the 2nd millennium BC to the 3rd century AD. AFP PHOTO / DIMITAR DILKOFF

За предаването Садово в сърцето на Тракия – Радио „Фокус“ – Пловдив на 11 декември 2016 година